1. What is Socialblood?

Socialblood is a community of donors where people donate when they feel like. For those looking for blood donors can raise a request and reach out to donors in their area. There is always a shortage of blood around the world and the only thing that can solve it is wilful donation.

2. Why should I donate blood?

This world faces a problem. There is almost always a shortage of blood in developing and developing nations. (40,000 units of blood is required everyday in the United States). This problem could be solved if there were enough voluntary blood donations. You live in the same world as others and 90 minutes of your time once or twice a year could save 3 lives. Furthermore, its healthy donate blood!

3. How do I schedule a donation?

You can use the schedule button on the sidebar in the feed. All you need to tell us the month in which you would like to donate. We will email you the location of the Hospital/Blood bank where you can donate. It'll always be closer to your registered address.

4. How can I raise a request?

You can click the 'Request Blood' button on the top right corner, fill in the details and you are done! Your request will be visible to the Socialblood donors in your area and in your city. You can also use the 'Search' bar and look for donors in your area.

5. How do donors respond to my request?

Donors in your area can view their request on their feed and respond to it. You will be notified whenever a donor responds to your request. You can get in touch with them over the phone for any further details.

6. What can I use the map for?

The map shows the blood requests and donors in your city. It also lists out the Hospitals/Blood banks in your area that you can visit for your donation.

7. How do I earn the badges?

You can earn levels of badges by inviting your friends and sharing blood requests. The bigger the network, easier it becomes to save a life. If you are unavailable to donate, be sure to invest your social reach so someone else can donate. The badges for donation are the highest of honours on Socialblood and are only provided to users with validated donations. Along with donation badges you will also be rewarded with some awesome goodies. You can check your badges in the badges tab from your profile.

8. Am I eligible to donate blood?

To donate one must be healthy, more so should be feeling healthy. You can go through the 'Rules of Donation' on the right sidebar in your feed.

9. What should I do after donation?

Take plenty of fluids(water or any non-alcoholic drinks) and eat a lot of iron rich foods like beans, lentils, egg yolk, green leafy vegetables, soybeans, red meat etc.

10. What are the refreshments that I get post donation?

Socialblood is working on partnering with the Hospitals/Blood banks to do away with just tea and cookies and get to providing you with well deserved and good stuff. Think ice-creams, chocolates, movie tickets and other goodies.

11. Do I have to sign-up to raise a request?

You can use the 'Emergency Request Button' on the home page to raise a request. Signing up has its benefits and its takes less than 10 seconds to get up and running.

12. I am in Bangalore, Can I raise a request for some one in need of blood in Delhi?

Yes, you can raise a request for someone present in a different city. You will not be able to view the request on your feed but Socialblood donors in Delhi will be able to view the request and choose to respond. You can view/edit/delete your request from your profile and choose to respond accordingly.

13. How do I start a blood donation drive in my company?

You shall soon be able to create an event and invite people from your company to donate via Socialblood. You will be able to host your own blood drives in your community and company.

14. How long the blood donation process take?

The whole process of you reaching the hospital, donating and leaving the hospital takes less than 90 minutes.

15. How often can I donate blood?

You can donate blood up to 3 times a year. There should be a a 3 month gap between your donations.

16. How do I get in touch with donors?

If you have an active blood request, the donors closer to your location will be able to view your request and can choose to respond. You can check the response list in from your profile and get in touch by either calling them or messaging them. You can also use the ‘Search’ or the ‘Map’ feature to look for donors in any city/area around the world and get in touch with them.

17. Is donating blood good for my health?

Contrary to popular belief, donating blood has lot of benefits. You loose 650 calories with a reduction in iron levels. The reduction of iron stores and iron in the body while giving blood can reduce the risk of cancer. Iron has been thought of to increase free-radical damage in the body and has been linked to an increased risk of cancer. Your body generates new blood cells while replenishing the blood. It also reduces the the risk of heart attack by 88% in men. You also get a free blood test. You can ask the hospital to intimate you in case of any infections.


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